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Most of the Connecticut properties we assist in leasing out are single family homes and condominium units.  Whether you are looking for a small one bedroom condo or a large 4 bedroom colonial with lots of space to roam chances are we have something that will fit your needs.  One of the most challenging aspects of finding the right rental is actually locating the listing.  Since there is not a main central location for rental listings they tend to be scattered around.  Some only have yard signs, some are on this website or that website, some aren’t advertised at all and some are listed for everyone to see in the Multiple Listing Service.  With our large client base and our 55+ years of experience we are very skilled in knowing exactly where to look to help you find the right rental for your needs.
Helping you to find the best tenant for your Connecticut property is exactly what we strive to achieve for all of our rental listings.  We realize how important finding a quality tenant who pays the rent on time and takes good care of the property can be.  We regularly help our landlord clients:
  • Assess the market value of their rental property
  • Market their property across a broad array of print and online venues to ensure maximum market exposure
  • Develop criteria to evaluate tenant applications
  • Process credit check and rental applications
  • Draft lease agreements
  • Advise on best rental practices